How a Ginger Lemon Shot Saved My Life

An Ancient Health Secret—And Hangover Cure—Is Also a Shot.

Full disclosure, my sister is the founder of Monfefo, a shot made of raw and organic ginger, lemon and honey, made in small batches and based in Brooklyn, NY.

I woke up to the distant city morning sounds, buzzing and humming in the backdrop, almost pulsing to the same beat of the headache that had forced me to rise earlier than usual that day. Last night’s holiday party offered a variety of complementary drinks, leaving me with a classic hangover, throbbing with all over post-bender pain and nausea. Until recently, the only known cure for my hangover was enduring the pain, loathing myself, and chasing water with anti-inflammatories like, Advil, until I could see straight again. (Net, net, usually a 24-48 hour process to full recovery.)

My mother calls me on this morning of my agony, and I tell her I have to cancel all my plans for the day, because I feel so ill. She asks me if I have tried a ginger shot to take away the intense nausea I was feeling. I wasn’t sure if the ginger shot would fight the nausea, since it’s a little spicy and I usually drink Monfefo straight for a daily boost of energy and vitamins. I was desperate to try anything, so I grabbed a Monfefo ginger shot from my refrigerator and shook it up for a minute or so…

…then stirred it with cool water, making a delicious drink. The cool sensation of a ginger shot and water was immediately cooling to the abrasion my body felt from alcohol poisoning. Minutes after drinking a tall glass of Monfefo’s ginger shot and water, and my nausea was minimized. After another shot mixed with water, some 15 minutes later, and the nausea was gone!

Having a Monfefo ginger shot to remove my nausea when I was hungover made it possible for me to get through the day, with minimal hangover symptoms.

There are many ways to drink Monfefo ginger juice, and I am happy to say mixing with cold water on a hangover morning is one of them!


5 Ways to Drink Monfefo Ginger Juice:

  1.  Drink it straight, like a shot. (Think wheatgrass shots, but golden, gingery yellow.)
  2. Mix with water or your favorite juice. (Hangover cure!)
  3. Combine with warm/hot water for a proactive cold remedy tea during the cold season or year-round.
  4. Add to sparkling water for a bubbly, refreshing treat.
  5. Enjoy with a dark liquor, like whiskey or brandy. Drink Responsibly!

And exciting news from the Monfefo team: They are now shipping Monfefo ginger shots U.S. Nationwide! Visit their website for more information. RECEIVE 10% OFF BY ENTERING COUPON CODE “FAMILY” AT CHECKOUT.

Whether you are proactively healthy, or reactive and reach for remedies only once you don’t feel so great, Monfefo ginger juice harnesses the power of an ancient wonder, a secret root that has endless healing properties. Try it once, and enjoy it. Have one everyday, and enjoy a healthier life.

Breathe and the rest will follow.


Victoria Monsul

Writer, Bikes, George-y, Native Advertising, Custom Content Studios, NY.