Giving Up the Grain: 5 Easy Ways to be Gluten Free

It’s no coincidence that the word glutenous contains the word “gluten” in it. Sadly, the divine foods we long for, the bread components to each meal, the invention of the sandwich, baked goods, italian food and what the hell, pierogies, all fall into a soft spot on the emotional scale of the global gluten belly of billions of people.

Taking a short leave of absence from a daily routine that is gluten standard, or gluten heavy, can result in sudden weight loss, increased energy, better quality of sleep, and a healthier, leaner gut!

Explore the following ways to keep your pallet enticed while avoiding the glue!

1. Skip the sandwich at lunch everyday. Instead add your favorite ingredients to any salad! You’ll be pleased with the extra energy you have from the veggie high.

2. Pass on bread and butter or olive oil at dinner time. Instead enjoy some french     fries, parisienne style!

3. Discover a new favorite cold-press juice like any fine Juicepress, Monfefo or Organic Avenue selection. Start your day with a juice, even better on a hungover. Avoid the pizza grease and breakfast sandwiches.

4. Bye-bye Magnolia cupcakes, we broke up. You are not going to glue me up into a million little pieces anymore. I’m through with you, glue.

5. Beer, what? Check out bars that have gluten free beers if you insist, otherwise, stick with wine or pretty much anything else.

Victoria Monsul

Writer, Bikes, George-y, Native Advertising, Custom Content Studios, NY.