Do you think you are prepared for, Queen of the Night?

I have not yet experienced Sleep No More, neither have I been to visit The Box. Yes, a well-versed, seasoned NYC, nightlife goer like myself, should have at least been to one of the former shows in the past few years. But last night, marked my first experience to an interactive and seductive, varied theater performance — Queen of the Night, a show produced by the creator of The Box, Simon Hammerstein and creator of Sleep No More, Randy Weiner. This was most likely the single best show I have seen in a varied theater, sexy-themed category. WARNING: Contains spoilers to the show.

My friend invited me out recently to join her to ‘Queen of the Night’. She told me so little about the evening, I didn’t even know what the show was called until I was inside the venue. We arrived and the cold air freezing, made us want to be inside so much to feel warmth and be in a comfortable atmosphere. As we got escorted inside the space, down a spiral staircase we went. We kept going down, down, down, until we stopped, and were plopped in a checkered floor lobby with a life size jaguar wearing a headdress of diamonds, handsomely greeting us. A random cast-away character whipped past us. Our escort disappeared. We are ushered into the grand room where the queen is revealed, in an aqua gown laid out like a gargantuan oyster across an elevated platform. Her headdress, a diamond embezzled, two-faced mask, sparkled like a million burning stars, mesmerized and seduced the growing crowd. We snaked through the crowd of guests and actors that blended by the bar, found our table, and then pursued a drink as we admired the queen some more.

As the room grew fuller, we were asked to begin wandering around and exploring other rooms. The actors commanded some of our actions and some asked us intimate questions, while others spontaneously danced with us, offered secrets or lap dances in dark corners. My favorite little item was installed in between the elevators on the wall, a red and black prop, which it’s purpose needed to be explained to me in some detail by a lady that introduced herself to me as Trulia. Once I found the meaning of its function, It made me laugh, and I began to read the notes on the walls written on guest checks among random hanging flogs, many of which said to find Rune and ask him a question. So my friend and I did that, we began to look for Rune.

Rune finally appeared, his friend brought him to us. My friend and Rune exchanged a mix of sexual and mythic questions then we continued to exlpore until it was time for dinner and the main performance was about to begin. Dinner was worthy of a queen’s presence. Cages of lobsters towered over us, guests exchanged pork legs for lobsters as we feasted like kings. There was food on top of food. Delicious, glutenous food. And the show continued, as the queen continued to transform throughout the evening.

Each moment of the evening brought out a little secret, and hints of seduction lingered long after the show was finished. The world we interacted with that night, was not to be missed. A delight for any curious, daring and sensual being.

A marvel for the senses. Queen of the Night.

Victoria Monsul

Writer, Bikes, George-y, Native Advertising, Custom Content Studios, NY.