Let’s Betulum, all over again.

The last time we ventured south of the border and headed for Tulum, was over 2 years ago, yet the feeling of being there never left us. Like a cosmic resonance, the vibrations of Tulum seemed to belong to us, they were mine. Tulum is a place that makes me realize we are all one, without any religious or cultural fundamentalism. I’m thankful for my most recent visit to Tulum, and the many wonders it has so gracefully preserved.

We decided to stay again in the quaint though luxurious, boutique hotel Betulum. Betulum energy, staff and accommodations are purist but high end, inviting and designed to perfect your ultimate relaxing dream vacation. I always hesitate to write anything about the place, simply because I am protective and wish for the 16 unit resort to stay as it is, even 30 years from now – seeming undiscovered and discrete. Since our last stay, the food has completely changed, for the better, and now there is a gorgeous spa across the street with aqua therapy and the finest spa products made from fresh herbs directly from the spa garden, which a guest can visit in between treatments. While the facials are divine and my skin was radiant after the Luminous facial, I was hoping for a full-on facial extraction, European style, but I don’t think this treatment was common in Mexico.

Ana, the resort manager, is always a pleasure to see again, and her energy is infectious. She always makes us feel right at home as she treats her guests like family.

The beach divine, as always. White sands, turquoise blue waters, under a perfect angle with the sun. The room we stayed in was the jungle suite, which is situated in the jungle canopy, creating the feeling that we were staying in a tree house, a nice change to our first duplex suite that came with engaging views of the jungle and the ocean on the open terrace level. (Also not a bad option!)

Outside of Betulum, we ventured out to our favorite, and most desired dinner spot, Posada Margherita, where the spirit of Tulum and heavenly Italian ingredients meet. Each pasta dish has fresh pasta prepared from scratch at the time the order is taken. During the day, I tried out a Hatha yoga class at Maya Tulum, a resort and yoga retreat in one.

The most memorable experience was right outside of Tulum this time, when on my birthday I asked my boyfriend to take me on an adventure, deep into the Mexican jungle, to explore a Cenote, or an Ice Age cave. I just have to say that you know you’ve got true love when the one you’re with hates being in water, let alone cool water and they jump in right as the tour group is about the swim away, screaming, “I’m from Israel!” The cenote was a fresh water cave, formed at the end of the last Ice Age, and when the ice in the cave melted, the cenote was created. We crawled down a ladder into the closed off cave, and put on our snorkel masks and life vests, and tried to avoid the feeling of being slightly repulsed from the porous enclosure, like being inside of a giant’s ear canal. Once in the water, we swam around the cenote, reveling in cerebral discovery, in awe of the cavernous features. Thoughts of horror settings kept interfering my thoughts, as if a lurking monster would suddenly appear and eat our whole group at any moment! Once out of the cave, our claustrophobic notions subsided, and feelings of overwhelming excitement filled us.

The spirit of Tulum is set apart from other, easy to get to travel destinations. Betulum is regarded as the best way to stay, and there are too many secrets waiting to be discovered, to keep this wondrous place a secret. Just make sure to get down there, before they build the local airport!

Victoria Monsul

Writer, Bikes, George-y, Native Advertising, Custom Content Studios, NY.