Frack is so wack in the West Village

Two recent developments have taken up parts of the city; Citibike stations and new, ready for insertion frack pipes. How contrary could the following scene possibly be? On one corner of a west village block, there are Citibikes stationed, with the mission to encourage commuters to travel greener, and invest in your health by getting places via two wheels. On the exact opposite corner, there are rows of shiny-new, frack pipes, laying side by side, awaiting the hour when they will be submerged below our New Yorker homes and lives, that as of now we have only passed on street level, still detached from the potentially catastrophic effects they may bring.

Fracking, short for Hydraulic fracturing which is the fracturing of localized rock by a pressurized liquid, has been a sensitive subject in the local downtown, especially, within the vocal west village communities. Beyond the frequent protests, and hand out givers that pass on by, the frack equipment is leaving a dreary demeanor leaking all over town. It hedges conversations among neighbors, dog-walkers and restaurant owners. People living or running a business in the downtown area, do not want to compromise the current state of purity our tap water is in. Fracking poses several environmental impacts, not only contamination of ground water and depletion of fresh water, but risks to air quality, the migration of gases and the health effects of these.

New Yorkers want their water maintained in the state of purity it is in, or make it even better. Fracking can seriously change that, as fracking sites in the past have displayed the possibility of cracked pipes, leaks into major water sources, or far worse, explosive pipes that do much catastrophic damage below and above the surface of the site.

Frack is wack. Those that do drink city tap water at home, may like to consider this tip. It’s practical and cheap yet effective in protecting you against any fracky-tasting water you may encounter. Tip: Always boil your water, before filtering via a Brita or other brands of water purifiers. The boiling kills any potential contaminants such as gases that leaked into your water and the filtering adds minerals back in, allowing for it’s healthy state to become restored.

Drink water responsibly. #frackless_water

Victoria Monsul

Writer, Bikes, George-y, Native Advertising, Custom Content Studios, NY.