Man’s best friend, the Present?

I’ve recently had the pleasure of becoming a new doggie mommy, to a little Havanese 6.5 pound puppy. We call him George and sometimes Georgie after Curious George and George Costanza. Georgie has required a vast amount of attention these last few weeks, exactly 17 days together. Constant training and attention placed on his walking, pooping, whizzing, sleeping, eating and playing habits. George has made me ever more present in my day to day, these last 17. This has led me to see his inner present warrior, the present hood of time that he lives in from moment to moment, that we as people need to work on to achieve. What makes people so attracted to dogs? Could it be their ability to bring us into the present moment, with a rewarding and balancing after affect? Maybe! Perhaps the basic pose of yoga, Downward Dog, had something to do with this idea too..

He is sleeping under the piano, with a neon yellow tennis ball kissing his pucker, beside him on the floor. The sound of a power drill on the street drilling an epic hole through cobble stones, is patterned and rhythmic. It stops it goes, it pauses, it goes, and for about 2 hours at a time like this. George rests, sometimes he stretches to transition into walking, then running around the stretch of the apartment like a wild beast, to resting again. His presence centers my attention into this present maleable like form, so I can be constantly aware, through his actions, and with his awareness of me, stay grounded in my Downward Dog mentality.

Downward Dog in yoga, is an asana (“pose” in sanscrit) that is structured by taking the body and putting it in an inverted “V” form. The hands are touching the ground, with flat rists, stretching the body long towards the ceiling with everything south of the base of your spine, shooting back down to the floor. It is a foundation asana, keeping you very mindful of the present moment, with conscious focus on the breath and length of your inverted “V” pose.

I love the walks George and I go on twice a day. Everyone notices me now. Maybe because me turned into us. People pass me, that I do not recognize and mention, “Hi, George,” as we pass by. I wonder, “Who are these kind hellos from?!” There is no question that bringing a cool new pup into your world, opens a whole other new world.

As George is chillin like a villain, with no concept of time, his influence in the NOW is refreshing. May we all take a reminder to be more present in our lives, because the only real thing that we have, is this moment. Yes, that’s right, this one.

Victoria Monsul

Writer, Bikes, George-y, Native Advertising, Custom Content Studios, NY.