Clandestine Corner

Heading to the local library on St. Luke’s Place a la west village, I was searching for my journal to pull up a list of the twenty books I had been recommended to read. I unzipped my coat, and felt the almost warm air embrace me. The birds and air were budding. I walked up to the front library counter, to find a kind and knowing guy named Chris, that once we got the talkin, turned out was a screenwriter that knew a lot about films and writing them. (My recent obsession: writing + films) As we went through the list of books together, we finally got to, “The Great Work of your Life” which discusses how the Bhagavad Gita relates to your path aligning with your purpose thus your life’s art. Once you reach an alignment, it’s a spiritual process and no matter the outcome, you are where you need to be. Some other great books I can’t wait to get my hands on are, The Artist’s Way, Dear Life (short stories), Editor of Genius by Max Perkins, Reading like a Writer, How to Write A Movie in 21 Days by Viki King and Stephen King on Writing. All great suggestions, thanks to my writing teacher, Jennifer K Armstrong and fellow classmates at Gotham Writing. Besides wanting to share my inspiring encounters today at the library on a pursuit of creative triumph and practice, there was this cool place across the street from the library, that caught my eye. Read on to find out what Better Being Underground is all about , yo.

Walking out of the library, in front of where I locked up my bike, was a subway signage designed plaque with the words, Better Being Underground. I immediately wanted to Instagram the image, when a nice delivery guy offered to take my picture, thinking I was a tourist. I let him take the shot, with me in it and held off on posting right away. I wanted to get closer and see what was going on there.

I walked into a few disappointed people walking out, saying, “Oh, it’s all gone. It’s over.” I had to keep going, even though I knew that whatever was there, was now all gone. It felt like walking into a little back door kitchen, few guys, few menus with scratch marks across what was 86ed. They were very apologetic, and also welcomed me, seeing I was a new face. They briefed me with apology, “Sorry, we are on a while supplies last type of basis” I concurred, “I get it, supply and demand.” I definitely had to come back. Something tells me they have some secret recipes birthing in the back. My eye caught the southern deep fried battered chicken dish, under the scratches of blue pen marks. Yum! Apparently, these guys were in business here for 3 years! Where was I?!

As I promised my return, and backed out of the basement entrance, directly diagonal from where I was standing, was Little Branch, another cool local secret spot, but for drinks. They have a great jazz band every now and then, and play a good piano. Fine drinks, too.

St. Luke’s Place has many secret’s to reveal, from books to cool word-of-mouth only establishments.

Clandestine. I like that.

Victoria Monsul

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