Yoga Break

I took a break from seeking outward inspiration the other day, to go inward for a change and rev up my own powerhouse filled with untapped energy, healing love and integrated guidance. Strolling down the west village streets, I made my way to the Integral Yoga Institute, joining my first yoga class in a while, a Level 1 course, called Hatha 1. Cheaper and more accessible than a retreat or trip to Tulum, my yoga practice that day brought me mental resilience, increased energy and a clearer perspective. This sole class, lead to clearing energy blockages I didn’t realize I had, and resulted in a series of beautiful manifestations that were creatively rewarding in the days to come.

While the class entailed poses and stretches that were gentle and energizing, I mainly benefited from the gratitude and appreciation I felt from my practice. Our instructor radiated with light, as I felt his presence in the room before I heard or saw him enter. When I glanced over to see who would be leading the class, I saw a beautiful soul smiling at me, who happen to be gliding down the room in a wheel chair. I immediately felt appreciation for the power and strength I felt in my leg stretches, as I continued a few warm up exercises. The Rose room we were in, one of several tranquil colored rooms in the building, had windows looking out onto a city garden. As we opened up the class with chanting, I focused on the present moment, getting comfortable in my body, freeing my mind and letting my thoughts flout by like clouds in the sky.

After class, feeling loved, satisfied and energized, I headed over to the Integral Yoga Food store, adjacent the Yoga Institute to order a smoothie from their hidden juice bar in the back. As I was waiting to order a Detox Elixir (I figured an internal cleanse might knock me out, but would be well worth it) Sarah Jessica Parker sneaked up behind me to order herself an energy boosting smoothie to go! She smiled at me, and looked so blissed and happy. While we both waited to have our health smoothies made, I thought about the motto of the Integral Yoga Institute, “Paths are Many, Truth is One.” While we stood there, waiting patiently for tens of beets and bunches of kale and ginger to get blended and pressed into a balanced elixir, we simply co-existed, breathing, and being present. In that moment, she was just a regular lady, not a super star, and we were both excited to add a healthy kick to our afternoon.

Yoga, In Gratitude, With Bliss and Having Appreciation. I am thankful for the inspiration. Heading off to a Level 2 class soon, maybe I’ll see you there.



Victoria Monsul

Writer, Bikes, George-y, Native Advertising, Custom Content Studios, NY.