Just Be.

Each one of us, contains an ability to tap into alternative remedies, different dimensions, higher frequencies, our own higher consciousness and improve the quality of not only our own life, but all existence within the universe. We are all one, and the universe is in me, is in you. I recently came back from a surreal, unexpected vacation. Spending most of the year, always plugged in, working, meeting, socializing, and verbalizing our constant existence, it was a break to go to a place, with my better half, having limited access to internet, in a remote part of the world. We chose Mexico, Tulum, for this journey – a fine choice for anyone into healing, yoga, green eco-friendly environments, not much to do, time to focus on the breath, read a good book and catch a wave. Most of all, Tulum allowed us to stop, think and listen to what was happening inside, and relate to what was happening outside, with Mother Earth, and react accordingly.

Word of mouth recommendations are always your best bet with taking trips to completely unknown places. A close friend, recommended BeTulum, in Tulum, because the environment was serene, very remote and something the locals would say “the best around”. Without doing too much research, mostly hearing good things about this place, we booked the trip. This was one of the best decisions I made in a long time, and the best way I spent some hard-earned dollars in a while. Spending 9 days in this paradise, we experienced several different things. First, I won’t say what happens when you travel 1.5 hours in the car from the airport in Cancun, to Tulum, but I felt a passage into another energy field. Upon our arrival, I felt like I was no longer in the modern-day world. Removed and isolated, it took 3 days to fully cleanse ourselves of the busy metropolis static and adjust to the wavelengths of the magnetic energy present in Tulum.

I don’t want to spend too much time over describing the unexpected sites we witnessed, or the wonderful people we met, or even how surprised we were to have enjoyed maybe the best pasta dish in a local mexican restaurant! Tulum is about discovery and self. You will find something there you love, and will have a hard time parting with. For me, it was the exact location of our duplex suite, with a private pool on the roof. When I first encountered the view, I immediately thought, this is what I imagined a location for a Spielberg feature, like Jurassic Park 4 would look like! The miles of jungle into the west, married to the miles of pounding ocean on the east. It was unlike any site I’ve ever seen. It felt like the end of the world and the beginning, all at the same time.

The best thing about Tulum, isn’t the exciting tropical views, or the reiki infused local dishes, but the power of manifestation. Nothing is more powerful, than the thought to form phenomenon in Tulum. Just being there, being present, you can witness your thoughts becoming a reality.

Before our trip, I had some personal concerns I was contemplating, and wasn’t sure how to go about addressing them. During my time in Tulum, my thoughts became more clear, my energy cleared of all the static and by engaging with the electricity of the land, I suddenly knew what to do. Visit Tulum, stay for at least 1 week, go alone, or with someone you love. Enjoy the frequency and just be.

Victoria Monsul

Writer, Bikes, George-y, Native Advertising, Custom Content Studios, NY.


  • http://www.isaiahfrazierdesignsblog.com isaiahfrazierartisticdesigns

    This is a great post and I agree we all desperately need to take some time to do some deep reflection in order to solve the inner conflicts that inhibit us from growing.

    Keep writing Victoria!

  • Tyler G

    Be Tulum is one of my favorite places in the world. I miss sharing the rooftop pool with the blackbirds every morning. The only technology you’ll need is a phone to call and delay your flight home.

  • http://www.christymemos.blogspot.com Christy

    Good read. Glad you had a relaxing time there. I want to visit that hotel someday. I love Tulum. Best beach I’ve been to yet.

  • http://vixreview.wordpress.com vixreview

    Hi Tyler, yes! You are so right about that! I can’t wait for our return either.

  • http://vixreview.wordpress.com vixreview

    It is a totally unexpected, spiritually and cosmically divine place.