Leave it all behind, and join the team.

If you are a west villager or living in downtown NYC, your home away from home, boutique health club is just around the corner. The  Printing House Gym, a former printing house hence the name, is a true escape, full service athletic & spa haven. With 360 panoramic views of the city, and no loud music playing, like some gyms, the Printing House proves to be a truly zen experience.

I have been at this gym at every imaginable time of day, and it is never crowded. They don’t play any music at all, which is preferred over noisy and irritating bad music. It is very clean and staff is mostly very pleasant, just avoid the main desk, they won’t smile or say hello and rarely say good bye. That’s ok though, because you’re not going there to see them, you’re going to get away and free your mind to zen city landscapes, your choice tunes, and state of the art spa and fitness facilities.

The gym has a three level, labyrinth structure, which I personally love. Squash courts, training zones and class areas are on the bottom floor. The ninth and tenth floors, hold the gym area and state of the art spa facilities including steam rooms, saunas and jacuzzi. All treadmills face out towards views of the city, enabling those running to really space out and lose track of time while getting an amazing workout. The steam room and jacuzzi combo, is ideal relief from any long day that needs to be erased away.

The best part about the Printing House, is it’s roof top pool. It’s open from Memorial day until Labor day, and feels like your private pool, perfect for laying out and cooling off on those unbearable hot days in the concrete jungle. Free trail memberships for up to 5 days are available, rates are competitive and priced well. When you join, you receive 3 complimentary training sessions and a buy 1 get 1 free massage.

When I  need to just work it out and let it all go, I head to my safe haven, mental and physical retreat center. Printing House Gym, leave it all behind and join the team.


Victoria Monsul

Writer, Bikes, George-y, Native Advertising, Custom Content Studios, NY.


  • http://moseyblog.wordpress.com mosey

    Lovely! I completely agree… when we were there we felt very tempted to stay forever!

  • moseyblog

    oops! my previous comment was meant for your paris review post. (i’ve never been to the printing house gym but it sounds awesome :)